Bill Turnbull discusses the use of “cannabis products” in the continued battle against cancer


Bill Turnbull has looked at the use of spices, garlic, and cannabis products to aid in his fight against prostate cancer.

The 65-year-old TV presenter was diagnosed with the disease in November 2017 – and the news came out in March of the following year.

Well known for BBC Breakfast News for decades, the star has been treated since she was diagnosed and maintains an active and positive attitude despite having an incurable cancer.

And while Bill has used the latest in technological methods to fight the disease and prolong his life, it shows that he has turned to a little more alternative treatments that are not in the world of traditional medicine.

Bill Turnbull discussed some of the natural remedies he researched during his cancer battle

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In an interview with The Sun, Bill stated that he had instituted rigorous exercises and various means to continue his struggle.

He explained, “Exercise is extremely important and yoga is very good for your mental health. I probably take too many different supplements – turmeric, berberine, a spoonful of black seed oil, which is like tar soaked in liquid, a sea fish oil, and a teaspoon of my own honey. “

He continued, “I’m using CBD, which is the legal form of cannabis, and the capsules are made from hemp.”

The morning TV legend has been fighting prostate cancer since 2017

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And in his wife’s distress, Sarah added, “I also eat two raw garlic cloves. It’s good for the blood, but not so good for making friends – and my wife has made it her business to kiss me in a different way now! “

In addition to the natural remedies, Bill used a £ 8,000 worth of oxygen chamber to fight the disease.

The device is popular with Premier League footballers and allows users to breathe pure oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber.

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By inhaling pure oxygen, the body can move more oxygen around the body with the intention of stimulating healing.

The TV star uses the device as well as a treatment called Zoladex, which is specifically used to fight prostate cancer in men.

Bill said, “I have an oxygen tank in this house now that I use every day, a positive pressure tank. It’s supposed to be good for healing muscles and everything, but I find it very therapeutic. I feel a lot better when I get out. “