Busch Leveraging MMJ Industry Experience and Building a Team to Bring Medical Cannabis Products to Missouri – Greenway Magazine


A household name from the city’s rich brewing legacy is the newest medical cannabis supplier to open in Missouri.

Adolphus August Busch V, great-great-grandson of the founder of Anheuser-Busch, goes his own way as Chairman and CEO of Teal Cannabis, which holds two of the 89 state licenses to manufacture cannabis edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, pre-packaged marijuana Cigarettes and related products.

The St. Peters von Teal facility is one of 40 such factories to have received the status Approval to start operations. The company officially entered the St. Louis area at the end of the year August, and medical cannabis patients across the state will be able to teal soon. to buy Cannabis products, including the HIGH FIVE brand of marijuana edibles.

Born and raised in St. Louis, after graduating from Colorado State University, Busch started his own Colorado cannabis company, ABV Cannabis Co ..

His entrepreneurial journey was featured in TheStreet, St. Louis Magazine, Greenway and more.

Teal’s leadership group also includes:

  • Tim Crook, Chief Operating Officer
  • Steve Grossman, Chief Financial Officer
  • Bernard Heimos, cultivation manager
  • Norwin Heimos, site manager

More than 140,000 Missouri patients were from. approved as a medical marijuana cardholder the State Ministry for Health and Senior Citizens’ Services. Sales of medical cannabis in Missouri includes an additional 4% sales tax, with the proceeds being used for the health and care of veteransServices.

The department has licensed 349 facilities across the state to cultivate, manufacture, and test dispense medical marijuana. The medical marijuana program, approved by 66% of the state’s electorate in November 2018, has already generated more than $ 113 million in taxes Revenue to Missouri through August.