Cannabis Business Times honors the Legion of Bloom with prestigious awards in Las Vegas


SANTA ROSA, California., September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Legion of Bloom (LEGION) – an environmentally conscious Northern California Cannabis Company – Recognized as an industry leader by the Cannabis Business Times, honoring the co-founder Troy meadows with a Cannabis Leadership Award at the Cannabis Conference 2021 in Las Vegas.

To learn more about The Legion of Bloom, visit or call (707) 878-0388.

Troy Meadows at the LEGION of Bloom cultivation facility in Oakland

Humbled by this hard-earned recognition, Meadows was proud to accept the Cannabis Leadership Award for his entire team. Legion of Bloom, often praised for its commitment to sustainability, has defined itself as an innovative company that sets a good example – and sets the bar for environmental protection comparatively high. In doing so, they hope that other brands will be inspired to follow suit and reduce the industry’s collective footprint.

According to Meadows, who also serves as LEGION’s Chief Marketing Officer, “we really wanted to be known for something different.” As founders, we were all long-time farmers and environmentalists, so it is only natural that we should help LEGION to make positive change make an impact in the world we live in. “As Meadows puts it,” Over time we have cultivated a brand of cannabis that is dedicated to protecting the planet. As we continue to find new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, LEGION invites consumers and the rest of the cannabis industry to take sustainability more seriously too. “

LEGION prioritizes environmental responsibility

Since 2015, LEGION has strategically adapted to the changing climate in the cannabis industry, as well as climate change itself, introducing sustainable practices for agriculture; Removing single-use plastics from packaging of products; and take environmental stewardship to the next level by partnering with local nonprofits.

“We have always considered ourselves defenders of the earth,” CEO Russell Weisman says. “We make all of our decisions with sustainability in mind and believe that through our business we can have a positive impact on the planet.” As a result of this eco-friendly branding ethos, The Cannabis Business Times has officially identified The Legion of Bloom as a responsible cannabis company that encourages Californians to take “The HIGH Road” and do their part to save the planet in Time.

About the Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom is a sustainable one Northern California Cannabis company founded by five longtime cultivators who share a deep awe for the planet. Together, they use cannabis as a vehicle for change by giving back to environmental causes and supporting local nonprofits. Visit to learn more about their sustainability initiatives and to find LEGION products at local dispensaries in NorCal and SoCal. Contact LEGION directly today to speak to their team of cannabis experts.

SOURCE The Legion of Bloom

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