FL gubernatorial candidates fight over cannabis (Newsletter: October 15, 2021)


Fed Drug Official Advises MD on Legalization; $ 1 billion in NV marijuana sales; Cannabis and psychedelics on the US ballot next month

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The Biden Administration Veterans Affairs Department testified before the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee that it opposed a bill to expand research on the benefits of medicinal cannabis for military veterans struggling with PTSD and chronic pain, calling its provisions too “prescriptive.”

A senior federal official at the National Institute on Drug Abuse gave advice to Maryland lawmakers preparing a referendum on legalizing marijuana for the 2022 ballot. She has concerns about commercialization but signaled the inevitability of reform by weighing policy areas such as potency limits, marketing restrictions, labeling requirements, product testing orders, and other regulatory matters. She also described the need to allow the public use of cannabis as a “social justice” issue so that people are not evicted from their homes.

the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board and the Nevada Department of Taxation announced that retailers in the state sold more than $ 1 billion worth of legal marijuana products in the past fiscal year.

Although 2021 is an out of year election, Voters in cities and states across the country will decide on election measures next month to decriminalize marijuana, prioritize psychedelic enforcement, raise marijuana taxes, and more.


the Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service has sent a press release about a survey of cannabis producers that will be sent out next week.

the National Institute on Drug Abuse will hold a meeting on November 19 to review funding proposals for the use of cannabinoids to treat HIV-associated persistent inflammation.

Majority Leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted: “Americans are sending a clear message – they want an end to the marijuana ban. This is why @SenBooker, @RonWyden and I are working to get our Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act passed to end the federal ban and undo the harms of the war on drugs. “

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) tweeted about visiting a marijuana dispensary, saying, “It is common sense that pharmacies like @GoGreenMuse in Portland are denied banking services due to obscure federal laws. I will continue to work to end the state cannabis ban and provide much-needed aid to small businesses in Oregon and across the country. “

Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidate Morgan McGarvey, currently the minority leader in the state Senate, supports the legalization of marijuana.


Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R) called there are still some details to be worked out on a medical cannabis bill before he is ready to call a special meeting.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) has been pressured during a debate about why he has not commuted sentences or given pardons to people incarcerated for marijuana. Meanwhile it is Deputy Governor tweeted: “New Jersey leads the way in criminal justice reform. With our approach of legalizing adult cannabis and realizing how the war on drugs has disproportionately affected our black and brown communities, we can make our criminal justice system more equitable for all. “

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) tweeted: “Bills are moving. It’s time to legalize marijuana. Let’s pull it off. “

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) tweeted: “Promise made, promise kept: Last spring I called the #NMleg for a special meeting to legalize recreational cannabis because I promised the New Mexicans that we would make it. And now we’ve created a new economic engine for New Mexico. “

the Minnesota The Supreme Court ruled in two cases that employers do not have to reimburse workers for medical cannabis used to treat work-related injuries.

Montana Regulators have submitted proposed rules for recreational marijuana.

Massachusetts Regulators stopped ACK Natural’s marijuana sales after allegedly failing to properly test products for mycotoxins.

Missouri Regulators have released medical cannabis products that have been placed under an administrative lockdown.

Washington Regulators have published an updated list of pesticides approved for use in marijuana production.

West Virginia Regulators will be hosting events next week to enroll patients with medical cannabis.

Colorado Regulators released an overview of how marijuana tax revenue finances education.

Arkansas Regulators released updated data on medical cannabis patient registration.

Tennessees The Medical Cannabis Commission meets on Thursday.

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Denver, Colorado The mayor tweeted on Saturday about a social equity resource fair for cannabis, saying, “Many people of color are still weighed down by previous convictions for possessing marijuana and are therefore barred from entering the industry. We’re working to fix that. “

the Clark County, Nevada The Commission is considering funding a Pathway to Ownership program aimed at increasing social equity in the marijuana industry.


the Israeli The Knesset has approved a bill to regulate medical cannabis.

Germany The Ministry of Health has again spoken out against the legalization of marijuana after a health spokesman for the party with the highest number of votes in the recent election expressed support for the reform.

Western film Australia The government plans to investigate access issues to medical cannabis and ways to commercialize hemp.

A Mexican Senator is host a row of Events about marijuana.


One study found that “CBD soothes” Liver damage in alcoholics with a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet. “

A study examining “psilocybin administration in combination with a structured treatment program for smoking cessation” nicotine addicts“Is now recruiting participants.


A survey found that 60 percent of the British believe that criminalizing drugs is ineffective in preventing use and that they are far less likely to consider marijuana dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.

NORML released a report highlighting concerns about Delta-8 THC products.


Lantern converted into an independent company following the takeover of the former parent company Drizly Group by Uber.

IGNITE International Brands, Ltd. closes its cannabis business in Canada.

CBD company FullSend Inc. is suing YouTube influencer firm Nelk Inc. over alleged intimidation campaigns on allegations of trademark infringement.

Colorado Retailers sold legal marijuana products worth $ 192.9 million in August.


Stevie Van Zandt launched a range of cannabis products.

Conor McGregor tweeted about his use of CBD to treat pain.

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