Irish guerrilla gardener plants cannabis in front of City Hall to protest restrictions on medicinal pots


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“It is important that we do this down here and highlight the suffering caused by the cannabis ban.”

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07/22/202112 minutes agoRead for 2 minutes Join the conversation Screenshot by guerrilla gardener Martin Condon talks about his intention to run in the event of an election, psychedelic therapy and the need for cannabis legalization in a video recently posted on Facebook. / Photo from Facebook

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Authorities in Cork, Ireland, have reportedly removed several suspected cannabis plants that were planted outside the town hall by a local legalization activist.

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Martin Condon claims to have added six weed plants to the garden outside the building, which is also steps from the city’s largest police station, according to the Irish Examiner. The plants are said to have been nestled between flowers with purely decorative buds near the main entrance to the building.

Condon placed small signs next to the plants adorned with #BringAliciaHome. The hashtag refers to the Irish Ph.D. Student Alicia Maher who moved to Spain for easier access to affordable medical cannabis, which she uses to treat pain and other symptoms related to complications from previous surgery.

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“It is important that we do this down here and highlight the suffering caused by the ban on cannabis,” said Condon, a self-proclaimed “avid gardener” with a degree in herbalism, in a post on his Facebook page.

“Alicia Maher is a girl from Cork who had to leave her home because there was no access to cannabis here. She lives in exile over in Alicante, a refugee from medical cannabis. The big challenge that lies ahead is getting Alicia Maher home, ”he suggested.

Condon is no stranger to cannabis protests or guerrilla gardening, arguing that the latter is a “peaceful way of protesting against the ban on cannabis and the effects it has on people who need it to improve their quality of life” CorkBeo.

Irish police, called Gardai, told the Irish Examiner that officers had removed the green recently provided by Condon. “Gardaí removed suspected cannabis plants in the Anglesea Street area of ​​Cork City on Wednesday,” police confirmed in a statement to the newspaper. “The confiscated plants have been sent for analysis and the investigation is ongoing.”

Condon has no intention of slowing down its advocacy work. “I will continue to engage in this civil disobedience campaign until patients have effective access to cannabis and this ban is over,” he said, according to the Irish Examiner.

It has been reported that Condon has already replaced the plants, reports CorkBeo.

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