Local cannabis company appeals to Medical Cannabis Commission


TRION, Ga (WDEF) – Remedium Life Science was one of the many companies that did not get an order to sell medical cannabis in Georgia. T

The company’s CEO, community members and local officials were shocked by the decision and hope the commission will look into their appeal.

When the Medical Cannabis Commission announced its intention to award contracts to 6 companies. All six selected companies were located south of Atlanta – so that northern Georgia was completely out of the mix and local communities were burdened with a troubled economy.

“We want Chattooga, which is a Tier 1 county, to have financial problems, jobs, and education. We could have benefited enormously from having Remedium here in our country and in the city of Trion, ”says Lanny Thomas, Trion City Councilor.

“Unfortunately for the patients in Georgia and for the citizens of northwest Georgia who could have benefited tremendously from high-paying, high-quality jobs in their community – these people have been excluded,” said Matt Connelly, CEO of Remedium Life Science.

Remedium CEO says they were injured when the Medical Cannabis Commission hosted the awards ceremony in their own community but overlooked several1 qualified companies.

“Why they chose northwest Georgia to make the announcement was troubling, and what was even more troubling was that the commission did not even know that the host community had made a really strong motion,” says Connelly.

Remedium and the city of Trion have teamed up to clear a plot of land and make it suitable for building.

The company was fully funded and worked within the community to donate over $ 300,000 in relief supplies to local nonprofits.

“It was really important to them to bring something good to this community. They weren’t just a bunch of fat cats out to make money. These people and families here are struggling and Remedium was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s really daunting to think they weren’t selected, ”said Carla Harward, executive director of Helping Hands Ending Hunger.

Remedium’s CEO says two of the six companies selected do not meet the key factors that the commission needed to consider.

Remedium says they hope to hear from the commission soon about their appeal and have no plans to give up.