Oath Keepers, COVID Rise, Medical Cannabis, and Port Bonds in Behind the Headlines


Salt Lake Tribune journalists participate in KCPW’s weekly news round-up.

(Ranger Peterson) Friends and family pay tribute to Aaron Navarro at a softball fundraiser tournament on September 10, 2021, less than a week after Navarro died of COVID-19 in St. George. Navarro and Nathan Spendlove, left, have long been instrumental in support groups and sports leagues in southwest Utah. Navarro’s daughters Dallas and Saleena Navarro, center and right, wear their father’s jersey in his honor. The dates on the shirts indicate a sobriety “birthday” or the date on which recovery began.

Medical cannabis dispensaries in Utah sell products containing delta-8 THC – despite federal warnings of serious health risks. The Utah Inland Port Authority sets up a new bond issuing facility against objections from two of its own board members. Southwest Utah has seen an increase in COVID-19 deaths and hospital admissions as vaccination rates remain low. And the names of hundreds of Utahners, including some police officers and officials, are revealed in a leak of apparent membership lists of the anti-government Oath Keepers militia.

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(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Mitch Butterfield is a cannabis patient who had a bad experience with Delta-8 THC at his Smithfield home. Thursday, October 7th, 2021.