Patient expresses concern that Bedrocan medical cannabis has been out of stock in Malta for over three weeks


Bedrocan prescription medical cannabis has been sold out in Malta for over three weeks since August 30th.

Unfortunately, this shortage of stocks has consequences for patients who use the product for their own medical reasons.

Such patients have been in contact with Lovin Malta and have said that “this is mostly what we get when we try to get our medication”.

The patient highlighted that medical cannabis is only available to a limited extent in Malta and this scarcity is far too common.

“We often have to pay for a permit that we don’t even get medication for … it’s a joke,” they pointed out.

The patient also stated that this was a persistent problem and ran out of one or the other product every three months.

Lovin Malta turned to Andrew Agius, a doctor who specializes in pain management and a vocal advocate of cannabis legalization in Malta.

“The product has been sold out for at least three weeks. Patients who were doing well were left without their medication, ”said Agius.

The consequences of such a reality are manifold, and patients are left without their prescribed medication.

“Symptoms are returning; Pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression. Some end up going on the black market and buying what they find, which doesn’t always help. Some patients switch to another product that works, but not as well as their medicinal cannabis and at a higher price, ”the doctor explained.

Medical marijuana shortages are becoming more common in Malta, often leaving patients in the dark.

What do you make of it?