SKYMINT becomes the first cannabis sponsor of ArtPrize, the world’s most visited public art event


“Since our inception, SKYMINT has been dedicated to celebrating the intersection between cannabis, art, culture and community,” explains SKYMINT Senior Director of Marketing, Aimee Michalak. “ArtPrize and Sheefy McFly are treasures of Michigans cultural heritage, and we are honored to have this incredible opportunity to partner with both to open and close the largest biennial event in the United States. ”

As the official ArtPrize Premier Sponsor 2021, SKYMINT will host the festival Oct. 1 Closing event in The Atrium, at which the participating artists of the ArtPrize 2021 will be honored. In addition, SKYMINT cooperates with the versatile Detroit-based visual artist, muralist, musician and designer Sheefy McFly starts the ArtPrize 2021 with a two-day (16th September and 17; 6-10 p.m.) an immersive installation event entitled “The SKYMINT X Sheefy Experience” in the converted “Welcome Center” tent and social zone by ArtPrize in Canal Park.

Located on the city’s riverside and directly across from host City Built Brewing Co, the “SKYMINT X Sheefy McFly Experience” will also serve as Sheefy McFly’s unique submission to the ArtPrize 2021 competition, as one of a small minority of BIPOC artist competition entries. With McFly’s signature characters and faces that can be seen all over town Detroit The transformed welcome tent and the social zone will present multidimensional pop-up art experiences and live installations for the ArtPrize participants on over 20 murals.

“This is a historic moment not only for me as an artist, but also for cannabis,” says ArtPrize alum Sheefy McFly. “Cannabis use and its inspiration for radical art movements are well documented. But only now, as legalization continues to sweep across the US, can we finally begin to appreciate their long-standing, deep public relationship, which is what this SKYMINT x Sheefy McFly collaboration and tent is all about – dialogue, creativity and new perspectives kindle. ”

Just named “Artist of the Year” by the Sean Anderson Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Detroit– the American-born and native rapper Big Sean, McFly – whose work has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine, Architectural Digest, The Architect’s Newspaper, ArchDaily, Architect Magazine and others – is known for his lively and abstract expressionism drawn from influences from Pop Art is permeated, street art, Detroit History and culture and its African American heritage.

During the 18-day festival and competition, the “SKYMINT x Sheefy McFly Experience” tent will continue to host a variety of interactive events for ArtPrize festival attendees, including an intimate Paint & Sip class in partnership with City Built Brewing Co. on 25th of September and a Oct. 1. The OktoberFest event, also in collaboration with City Built Brewing Co. ArtPrize attendees can find out about newly added events in the “SKYMINT x Sheefy McFly Experience” tent at on the Keep up to date -x-sheefy.

Since the 10th anniversary, ArtPrize visitors have cast 3.4 million votes and the event “Part Art, Part Social Experiment” has won awards $ 4.6 million to artists from all over the country and the world. ArtPrize was awarded in 2014 and 2015 by the London-based publication The Art Newspaper and the expressive and interactive public art event have attracted up to 26,000 visitors per day since its inception. The ArtPrize Festival and the 2021 competition begin on 16th September, and is expected to be attended by more than 500,000 visitors this year, with more than 1,600 artists planning to attend by the last day of the event October 3.

“The world needs a lot of healing right now,” says McFly. “Art heals and brings people together. The same goes for cannabis. I am proud to be a part of this festival and I am delighted that the ‘SKYMINT x Sheefy McFly Experience’ tent will remain open for a full year big rapids. ”

To vote for Sheefy McFly, ArtPrize 2021 visitors will be asked to scan QR codes that can be found throughout the “SKYMINT x Sheefy McFly Experience” tent.


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Born from a long line of street smart graffiti artists who successfully made their way into the international art gallery, Tashif “Sheefy McFly” Turner has quickly grown to become one of the most promising American artists of his generation. The critically embraced and popularly acclaimed painter and wall painter is an alum of Detroit College of Creative Studies, where McFly, very skillfully and purposefully in his art, brought together a multitude of different traditions, practices, and styles to create a unique type of visual collage – one that was in part his own Michigan based on origins and, secondly, by its African American heritage. Strong influence of Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, and Roy Lichtenstein, McFly’s style is a colorful mass of disembodied faces, eyes, noses, and mouths that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. In 2017, Metro Times readers voted him the best artist of the year and his work has been featured in impressive solo exhibitions and group projects at the Red Bull House of Art and Playground Detroit. In the past few years, McFly has made a name for itself with its colorful murals around Motor City. As part of the 2018 Murals in the Market festival, he painted Haring-esque characters dancing and twerking next to a man with buffs using a cartoon word balloon that read “Detroit Never leave. “In 2019, he painted more haring-style dancing figures around a viaduct on Seven Mile and John R Road, along with the bold words” TECHNO IS BLACK MUSIC “and an anthropomorphic Coney Dog saying Detroit Greetings, “what’s up.” That summer, McFly was commissioned to paint his largest public mural to date – the outdoor ice rink on Monroe Street Midway. Recently he was also commissioned to paint a piece of “blue” for them Michigan Opera theater.

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