Antioch Council approves another cannabis deal and votes the committee to hire city managers


Delta Labs site on W. 10th Street. From the presentation during the meeting of the Antioch City Council on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thorpe nominates Barbanica, Ogorchock to the ad hoc committee for the recruitment of city managers and then votes against their appointment

Agree to settle a former Antioch policewoman’s workplace discrimination complaint against the police in a 4-1 vote

Renew the city’s public information officer contract for $ 8,000 per month for an additional six months

From Allen Payton

During its meeting on Tuesday evening, November 23, 2021, the Antioch Council unanimously approved another cannabis company that processes marijuana through a cold water extraction and approved the settlement of a former policewoman’s complaint against the Police Department for a split vote and failed to in another split vote, to form an ad hoc committee for the recruitment of a new city manager. They also voted unanimously to extend the city’s PIO contract for another six months.

Before the beginning of the regular session, after the closed session of the council, City Attorney Thomas Lloyd Smith reported on the Blanco v City of Antioch lawsuit, United States District Court Northern District of California, Case No. 3: 20-cv-02764-TSH. The city council decided to settle the case, with Barbanica voting no, Smith said.

On April 21, 2020, former Antioch police officer Brittney Blanco filed a lawsuit against the police agency for employment discrimination. The case has been filed in the US District Court, California Northern District. Blanco served in the force from July 2017 to August 2019. No word was given about the details of the settlement.

Renew the $ 8,000 monthly PIO contract

During the approval calendar, the council unanimously voted to extend the contract for the city’s public information officer, Rolando Bonilla, of San Francisco-based Voler Strategic Advisors for an additional six months for an additional six months to May 15, 2022 for $ 256,000 do not exceed. Bonilla has been the city’s PIO since autumn 2019. PIO contract extension ACC112321

Public comments now in person, still online and by phone

At the start of the regular session, Mayor Lamar Thorpe stated that public comments from participants in council meetings would be heard first, followed by those who submitted their comments online or called.

Delta Labs floor plan. From the meeting of Antioch City Council on November 23, 2021.

Unanimously approve another cannabis deal

Delta Labs owner Rick Oak speaks about his business during the council meeting.

The council then held a public hearing on another cannabis company. City staff said “Delta Lab is proposing a non-volatile extraction cannabis plant”. It will be in the same building where the same family owns the Delta Dispensary on W. 10th Street. Delta Labs – City Workers Report ACC112321

Applicant Rick Oak spoke with his two sons Dustin and Richard about their project, which is a “family owned cold water extraction plant”. He showed a floor plan of the project and explained how the product is dispensed using small washing machines that use ice to “knock the hash off the product”. Then it is stored in refrigerators until it is sold and picked up by truck.

District 3 councilor Lori Ogorchock was the only member who asked a question about safety.

“There’s a guard in our pharmacy lobby,” Oak said.

Since no one from the public spoke out against the project, the council agreed with 5-0 votes.

Ad hoc committee for the recruitment of the city manager

The council then considered forming an ad hoc committee to recruit a permanent city manager.

“I think we’re too busy right now,” said Wilson. “I think we should wait until after the new year.”

Ogorchock volunteered as a member of the ad hoc committee and Barbanica volunteered as well.

Thorpe then offered them to the ad hoc committee as his candidates.

Ogorchock made the motion and Barbanica assisted in approving the formation of the ad hoc committee, the appointment of the two councilors and seven months’ notice.

“My estimated timeframe is April 30, 2022,” said Nickie Mastag, director of administrative services.

The proposal then failed with 2-3 votes, with Thorpe, Wilson and the councilor of District 1 Torres-Walker voting no.

“Since that didn’t pass, it will come back later,” said Thorpe.

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