Florida Ag Commissioner explains her involvement in the cannabis industry


Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) released a financial report this week as part of her gubernatorial bid, the Miami Herald reports. Fried, the state’s only elected Democrat official, filed the disclosure form Tuesday, but the deadline for the report was July 1. As a commissioner for agriculture, Fried helps administer Florida’s medical cannabis program and previously worked as an industry consultant at a company called Igniting Florida.

She announced her candidacy for governor in June but was scrutinized early after making some adjustments to a 2018 financial report that showed her advisory income for that year was about five times what was first reported. Fried also owns approximately $ 130,000 in licensed medical cannabis company Harvest Health & Recreation, Inc.

However, Harvest is being acquired by Florida’s largest cannabis brand Trulieve in a massive $ 2 billion deal – and just yesterday Harvest announced the sale of its own $ 55 million license to Planet 13, a multi-state operator with pharmacies in . known Nevada and California.

According to the latest report, she faced many criticisms of the GOP for a perceived lack of transparency, but Fried said Wednesday that the delay was for the opposite reason.

“We were just trying to be so transparent, and they just weren’t used to that. When we find a bug, we make sure we correct it. we want to be as transparent and open as possible to the public. ”- Fried, in a statement

Fried, who originally tried to hide her Harvest connections as Ag commissioner, has pledged to sell her assets to the cannabis industry if she is elected governor of Florida.

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