Legendary gaming entrepreneur Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez introduces cannabis brand


“Pine Park refers to the place in Chicago that I sneaked into as a teenager and smoked weed. Cannabis has been a central part of my life, and I’ve developed an incredible community during my journey to build the esports industry.” that I’m happy to bring with me for this next chapter, “says Rodriguez.” Now that cannabis is legalized nationwide and use is normalizing, I’m excited to have a lifelong dream of working with cannabis and the opportunity to meet myself and educate my community on how to responsibly develop this industry. “

Everything Rodriguez does is done with heart, passion and excellence, and he is widely regarded as the most successful native owner in esports for having built one of the most traditional organizations within the competitive side of the Call of Duty franchise. In 2015 he received an award for his life’s work for the eSports team of the year. The following year his book “Optic Gaming” made the New York Times bestseller list.

In addition to his legendary success in the esports arena, Rodriguez has proven himself to be one of the most successful brand founders in the world with the first digital target group with over 100 million personal YouTube views and an award-winning podcast of the content series of the year. A true renaissance man, Rodriguez’s business portfolio spans multiple industries and disciplines, including leading perch fishing brand Googan Squad and golf media and apparel company Good Good Golf.

The world of gambling offers a tremendous opportunity untouched by the leaders in the cannabis industry, with 3.1 billion gamblers worldwide, which equates to a global market of $ 162 billion with a CAGR of 10.5% by 2026 (Mordor Intelligence). Pine Park leads this void in the industry by marketing directly and with Rodriguez’s immediate network of over 2M enthusiastic fans with an average age range of 21+. A natural addition to Rodriguez’s empire, Pine Park has quickly become the most anticipated cannabis launch this year.

To bring the world of Pine Park to life, Rodriguez partnered with a network of independent cannabis growers, including Jason Morgan, a Santa Cruz, California Born in the third generation of strawberry growers. Morgan’s intimate 9,000-square-foot mixed light facility serves as the primary research and development center for Rodriguez’s favorite strains, and ultimately for Pine Park’s proprietary genetics.

To offer a selection of their best strains in indica, sativa and hybrid SKUs, Rodriguez tapped two widely respected farms in the Salinas Valley, Waverider Nursery and Posibl Project. As the brand evolves, Rodriguez will continue to introduce new product categories by working with world-class supply chain partners. Pine Park will open up new and established cannabis personalities to a new variety of educational and cultural perspectives.

While many celebrities have given their names to cannabis products, Rodriguez’s goal is to make a long-term impact through cannabis and hemp. Rodriguez is the heart of the gaming world and shares the same passion for his journey into the cannabis world. To that end, he has partnered with OpenNest Labs, a cannabis venture studio that incubates and accelerates next-generation brands, to authentically grow Pine Park products. OpenNest Labs is firmly rooted in the idea that transparency and education are critical to creating an equitable global cannabis market.

“We were introduced to Hector because he had a vision of how to responsibly invite his vast community into the world of cannabis,” says Tyler Wakstein, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenNest Labs. “While many esports fans are already cannabis users, there hasn’t been a beacon of authority or brand to legitimize the convergence of the plant and the game of chance. It was fun to co-found Pine Park and realize Hector’s vision in a short amount of time.” Time by introducing key supply chain partners. It was an honor to meet Hector and bring Pine Park to life.

Pine Park has partnered with The Parent Company, the largest vertically integrated omni-channel platform in Californiato distribute its first 6 strains – Blueberry Haze, Modified Mintz, Peanut Butter Breath, Grapes N Cream, Chem driver and Chem-Reserve. Pine Park has all the basics covered, with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains available.

“As the exclusive supply and retail partner of Hector” HECZ “, Rodriguez’s launch of Pine Park underscores the parent company’s commitment to building a more expansive and equitable cannabis industry by offering our customers an unparalleled portfolio of products, coupled with an unrivaled ability to access these offerings through Direct -to-consumer, retail and delivery options, “says Dennis O’Malley, COO of the parent company. “The intersection of cannabis and gaming provides a compelling opportunity to reach the passionate gaming culture and we are excited to welcome HECZ fans and the wider esports community to our ecosystem.”

The first Pine Park flower will be available in California on Thursday, October 14th, exclusively through the retailer and delivery partner The Parent Company, with further exclusive drops. Pine Park Flower can be purchased in parent company stores including Caliva, Deli by Caliva and Coastal retail stores, online at www.caliva.com/pinepark or through the Caliva app in the Apple Store.

Pine Park HQ Flower will be available for $ 40 MSRP and Pine Park Evergreen Flower for $ 36 RRP.

Pine Park clothing and accessories can be purchased at www.PINEPARKHQ.com.


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