Medical cannabis cultivation needs to be monitored, says SCRD


The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is calling on the federal government to give the SCRD and RCMP the authority to oversee and monitor the local cultivation of medicinal marijuana.

At its January 14 meeting, the SCRD Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion from Andreas Tize, Director of Area D (Roberts Creek), that the district staff write a letter to local MP Patrick Weiler and Federal Health Minister Patty Hadju, “That give local governments and the RCMP the ability and authority to adequately enforce and control the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes. “

Anyone with a doctor’s prescription can grow more than the legally permitted four marijuana plants for personal consumption – plus consumption by another person who requires a prescription – if this is done for medical purposes and a license is granted by the Federal Ministry of Health. Tize suggested that the license could be misused too easily.

“Neither [the SCRD]The RCMP also cannot check that the number of plants it is growing is growing, ”said Tize.

He said lack of supervision also means local authorities have no way of knowing whether the medical growers are reselling the marijuana or whether they are complying with building codes and statutes regarding electrical wiring, plumbing and ventilation.

“I could step into a hornet’s nest here because it’s a big part of our unofficial economy on the Sunshine Coast,” Tize said of the meeting. But, he said, he proposed, “for the sake of human safety, the safety of our firefighters and the safety of our RCMP officers, as well as the fact that these people are essentially doing underground business in our neighborhood.”

Tize added that he was not seeking a ban on the cultivation of medical marijuana. “But we should make sure that whatever is allowed by the federal government is actually followed and that it is done in a safe manner,” he said.

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