The exception for purchasing medical cannabis outside of the state is expiring in Utah


Medical cannabis patients in Utah can no longer legally cross state lines to purchase their medical cannabis products, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

Since the sale of medicinal cannabis last year, Utah has been struggling to get access to its medicinal cannabis patients, especially those who live in the more rural parts of the state. Given the delays, Utah had previously allowed patients to get out of the state to purchase their medicinal cannabis products.

However, after the state system was expected to be fully operational by now, the supplements have expired, leaving many patients without them, Utah cannabis activist Desiree Hennessy said.

“These patients are without medication. They watch the rest of the state move forward and they patiently wait in suspense – or wait impatiently. “- Hennessy on the stands

Despite numerous corrections over the past year, Utah struggled to complete the introduction of medical cannabis. According to the Tribune, seven of the state’s 14 approved pharmacies have failed to open. The southernmost pharmacy is in Provo, hours away from parts of the state closer to Nevada and Colorado – two neighboring states that have legalized adult cannabis. The problem was compounded by a lack of production by Utah producers in 2020, resulting in high prices and product shortages when cannabis is actually available.

A recent survey found that 60 percent of patients in Utah are still buying their cannabis on the unregulated market or from unregulated sources, the Tribune reports.

Legislators say they will make further corrections in the 2021 session, including legislation to force the seven unopened cannabis dispensaries to open or run the risk of losing their licenses.

Unfortunately, such anticipated corrections would do little to help patients like Chelsie Warren, who told the Tribune, “It was just a lot easier for me to get out of state and buy so much more for cheaper.”


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Lukas is a freelance writer and medical cannabis activist who lives in Tacoma. When he’s not writing about cannabis or working to bring a better medical cannabis system to Washington, he likes to hang up, play adaptive sports, and volunteer with his Tacoma community. He supports national legalization and the opening of the medical cannabis market in all 50 states.